Most frequent questions and answers

All of our products are digital services making them unshippable physically. As soon as the product is live (in case of websites) or visible (in case of other services), the shipping is completed. Virtual shipment will be done at your email address.

Sounds confusing?

Give us a call,we are always available.

Yes, when it comes to website design and development, logo design,video ads,provided we don’t deliver what is promised.

No. When it comes to services that are time oriented and might include cooperation with third parties. For Example (seo, business promoion,social media marketing, etc). In which case none of the payment made is refundable. 

All our payments are routed from ssl encryted paypal gateway.

You can pay us with your paypal account or any major credit or debit card.

Really depends on the competition and radious of your targetted area. But irrespective of the scale,progress would be visible within 3 months of starting.

The whole fundament of seo is based on projections and planning.

The results first needs to be assumed before working on it.

In most cases the resuts done by our expert analysts are trust worthy.

Incase of the result being unsatisfactory new sollutions would be provided.

Here at WiseGaurdian,Your satisfaction is our first priority.

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